Announcement – Mott Manufacturing

//Announcement – Mott Manufacturing

Announcement – Mott Manufacturing

SLS would like to announce that we have renewed our partnership with Mott Manufacturing. Scott Labs and Mott Manufacturing partnered for 7 years to bring quality products and customer service to our customers. Due to some acquisitions and mergers in 2011, that relationship was not possible. However, we are excited to once again work side by side with Mott to bring our customers on time delivery and premium customer service. These two qualities are the benchmark for successful projects and satisfied customers. Our coverage will include Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Mott is a premium manufacturer of high quality laboratory casework, flexible furniture systems, and fume hoods. They have full lines of steel casework, stainless steel casework, custom wood casework, flexible furniture systems and fume hoods. Motts fume hood line includes all of the customary fume hood models for normal applications, such as, constant volume bypass, variable air volume bypass and high performance, low flow hoods. Mott also excels in custom fume hoods. Whether is is a dimensional change or a complete design built of a multi-sash, large dimensioned hood project, Mott and SLS have the answer.

At Scott Labs we have built a reputation as a elite project management company. We realize that selling the product and receiving the order is the simplest portion of our sales cycle. What separates us from our competition is that we see the on time delivery and closeout of each project as the benchmark of a successful project. NOT the receiving of the purchase order or contract. It’s on-time, on-schedule, complete projects that makes SLS a preferred laboratory construction manager. We take pride in our customer service, our communication and our on time completion of your projects. We are not only a sales organization, we are a project management firm.

As we move into 2014 we look forward to the exciting changes taking place in the market and the opportunity to design, deliver and complete innovative research space for our clients and friends.


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